Together we make your brand come to life! You can contract us for brand & strategy, identity, formula development, retail design, and everything else regarding retail communication.  


Brand & strategy

The brand is the heart of every retailer. It is also at the core of what we do at SVT. We don't like static brand documents with grand statements, but brands that make a statement: of which you can hear the brand values reverberate in the consumer experience. Together we create the dot on the horizon and translate the brand into the space, the product and the experience.


A successful brand has a powerful identity, a clear positioning and a strong brand strategy. A brand strategy gives direction and steering to the organisation: it is the 'reason why'. What is the intrinsic motivation, what is the target audience and which role do you want play in society? What is its unique position in the competitive market?


We put ourselves in the shoes of the organisation, but we are also its critic. We zoom in on catch-all terms and look at their meaning for the organisation, formula and customer. The customer must experience the brand, the organisation must live the brand.


Visual identity

An image says more than a thousand words. Especially nowadays, as we have become accustomed to an unbridled amount of information and visual impulses.


We believe that a strong visual identity is now more important than ever. It mirrors what your organisation stands for and believes in. The combination and interaction of name, logo, typography, tone of voice, colour and language, shows the core of your business and it communicates the brand's vision to the outside world.

A powerful visual identity can be immediately recognised and is an important branding tool. Preferably, the recognisable elements will also do their job individually, such as the swoosh of Nike, or the famous M of McDonalds; you recognise both without seeing the name. It is our task to translate this visual identity into the spatial design as well.

Concept & formula

Customers experience a shop or its surroundings as a holistic entity. This will all come together during the concept formula development. It is a creative business plan: 'The Big Idea'.


We take a close look at the customer journey and discover where chances lie. With the help of the Platform Development Model® we will brainstorm about the consequences for all retail elements. What do we want, what is feasible and what needs to be done? We translate the concept into a powerful document in word and image.

To stay relevant, it is important to keep finding the connection with the mindset of the consumer. This may be achieved by a multi-format strategy, but certainly through offering an omnichannel experience. With our omnichannel approach, we make sure that all consumer touchpoints strengthen each other. We bring the online world to the shop floor and search for the boundaries of technique and innovation.

Retail design

Make your brand come to life! The retail design includes everything you see or experience when entering a shop. We develop an experience that strengthens the retail formula.


Retail design gives shape to interior design, the furniture, the communication, routing, department structure, lighting, visual merchandising, exterior design and so on. This is not just about adding contemporary colours and materials, but also about a good translation of the brand and ambitions, which will result in unique dynamics. Retail design is the 'spatial identity' of the retail brand.



In-store communication

In-store communication makes a shop speak out. It tells your story as a retailer, it adds value to products and it helps the customer to find his way around the shop and in choosing what he wants.


SVT gives direction to all communication a customer experiences. And this experience is exactly what it is all about. We approach every communication issue from the perspective of the customers. How can we help them, inform them, and seduce them? This requires insight in how the customer thinks. What does he need right now, or what does he want?

Therefore, we don't just look at the in-store communication, but also include all consumer touchpoints; from online to mass-medium communication. This results in one consistent experience in the brochure, app, webshop and physical shop.


Platform Development


A powerful tool to review the status quo or as a foundation for your business plan.

Customer Journey


Discover weaknesses, requirements and opportunities by going through the customer journey.


Retail Safari

Experience the latest trends in your line of business with this tailor-made retail safari.

Store Check

Discover opportunities and points of improvements. We check all the elements of a retail formula.


We give presentations on short and long-term trends in retail, both within and outside a company’s own branch.