Retail design.
We design the place where your business and the consumer meet. From shops and pop-ups to back offices and healthcare centres. Physical, online and omnichannel. 


Food retail

We love food & we love retail. Why we think food retail is so unique? It is so inextricably linked to our daily lives that it mirrors our society.


It responds to changes in society, you can see trends come and go. We saw the rise of organic food, the solutions for single households, blurring, the growth of Food-to-go and so on. We can see the influence of strong competition. In addition to that, food retail brands must be solid, yet dynamic, because of the wide audience they want to serve, and subsequently, of the development of many different formats (XL, city store, food trucks).

Super Fair logo design


What do a 20 m2 pop-up store and a 10,000 m2 garden centre have in common? They both respond to the mindset of their customers as best as they can.


There's a good chance that the shopper in the pop-up store in a busy shopping street has other needs than the shopper for whom the garden centre is special outing. When you know what these needs are, you can make your brand or formula relevant. Therefore,  we also spend a lot of time studying the clients of our client.


Service retail

Bank offices, town halls, stations; they are all places where the organisation and consumer meet. The service is the basis for the interior design and communication. They are places where the interior design can make a big difference in the experience and attitude of the client.


Where it is important to navigate and communicate, not just in word and image, but also through environmental elements such as lighting, materials and furniture. The questions and solutions are often complex and are supported by our consultants.


Maaike van Rooden regularly organises lectures and workshops about service design. Would you like more information? Please contact us.


Would you like to know more about service design? We recently published our latest book: '100% service'. Look here for a preview!

OV servicewinkel design
"Retail wordt persoonlijker
en actiever, dus nog meer 1 op 1."
Badkamerwinkel exterieur design
Service retail
Online players: Clicks to bricks, the 'smart shops'

SVT Branding + Design Group has been developing shops for start-ups and established retailers for almost 30 years. However, these last few years we see a huge growth from an entirely different field: the online retailers.


More and more online retailers are opening physical shops (also called 'clicks to bricks' or 'brick and mortar'). Take for instance Cool Blue, or Ace & Tate; they all felt the need for a physical place where consumers can experience and buy the products, and they noticed a growing demand for personal contact and service. In addition, we see the growth of webrooming: online orientation, buying in the shop. The shops are new meeting places, physical communities, an extension of your brand.


We make your dream come true! With our 30 years of experience and expertise in retail development, we are a valuable partner for first-time retailers.

Contrary to established retailers, every option is still open for start-ups and many choices must be made: what will be the retail concept, the product selection, which services will be offered. Besides that, there often is more scope for innovation and reforms, scope to do things differently. One of our latest start-ups is The Glass Story. We have been involved from 'the early beginning' - when it was all just an idea - and have gone through every step, from proposition, brand development, concept and shop realisation.

Start-up retail design bureau

Fashion retail is fun, fast & exciting. It is the most dynamic, and at the same time toughest, sector within retail, as the pressure is high.


Supply and price are increasingly becoming receptive to competition, so it is vital to be distinctive as a brand and shop. Go for a clear target audience and positioning. Take a close look at the customer journey and discover where chances lie. How to mix online and physical shopping? How do you keep surprising your customers? The life cycle of fashion formulas is short, so we're looking for flexible systems that are easy to keep up to date. Get away from the crowd and make a difference with your brand and retail concept.


Hotels, restaurants and cinemas: they are environments where you can pull out all the stops with respect to your brand, up to the smallest details.


What does your brand say about smell, taste, sound, interior design, lighting or service? We put ourselves in the mindset of the client. What are the expectations and how can you surpass them? We design and develop the experience on location as well as the consumer touchpoints, both prior and after the visit; online, by phone or social media. Dare to make choices and choose individuality and distinctive capacity. This way, you create a unique and difficult to copy experience. 

hospitality hotel design identiteit
Health design

To all healthcare institutions in the Netherlands we say: find out 'what design can do!' We are not just talking about the design of navigation or waiting rooms, but also about the design of a client experience (patient experience / health design).


These are functional environments where people's emotions play an important role; from stress and relieve to happiness and sadness. It is important to design the full experience; from home to the consulting room. How can you experience a hospital as a brand? Can you find your way around by intuition? Does waiting feel like 'a must' or a ‘may'? A pleasant environment can contribute to a positive experience and recovery, and it will make the care centre a more distinctive brand.


We put ourselves in the shoes of the organisation, but are also its critic, and approach the issue always from the patient's experience. Just as public buildings, hospitals and care centres are a 'people place'. Design can be the bridge between function and emotion.


Are you curious what we have done for De Kinderkliniek? Please take a look here.

health design


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retail consultant design



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