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SVT Branding + Design Group 

Entrepotdok 27

1018 AD Amsterdam

The Netherlands

KVK 33188436

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Eijerkamp staat in bloei. Met de ontwikkeling van LOTS verbinden ze zich met een nieuwe generatie klanten, evenals een nieuwe generatie binnen de familie Eijerkamp.

Een nieuw stadsconcept

in de woonbranche

LOTS Citystore is het stadsconcept van Eijerkamp en bevindt zich in het hart van Eijerkamp Zutphen. Je vindt er een sterke selectie van hippe accessoires, bijzondere verlichting en eigentijdse meubels die aansluiten bij de wensen van een jongere doelgroep. Scandinavische merken en urban brands, aangevuld met private label maken het winkelen inspirerend en uniek.

Spice up
your room!

The motto of LOTS Citystore is 'Spice up your room'. And the store is undoubtedly different than its surroundings. LOTS is located at the heart of the Eijerkamp store, but it is definitely a store in its own right.

It has its own entrance, its own (young) staff, and its own checkout point. The store has an open character, but also a high product density. To make LOTS even more distinctive, we have chosen to give it its own communication style, with a new identity, look and tone of voice.

Lots of brands

The store radiates a pure lifestyle. Hip Scandinavian and urban brands such as WOUDS and HAY, FERM, and HK LIVING get their own character within the urban concept.


The brands attract a younger target audience and fit perfectly in the current eclectic interior design trend. This mix of styles can also be found in the store; a wide and motley collection of styles, products and materials are combined here.

A new 

For more than 85 years, Eijerkamp has been an established name in the interior design branch. As an established retailer, it is vital to keep developing yourself, to innovate and to stay connected with an ever changing society.


With LOTS Citystore, the family owned company connects with a new generation of customers, as well as with a new generation within the Eijerkamp family. LOTS has been named after Lotte Eijerkamp. SVT Branding & Design Group has, among other things, developed the concept, identity, the in-store communication, store layout and design of LOTS.





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Soms leidt de behoefte naar hybride winkelformats, zoals een stadswinkel, een XL-winkel, of pop-up stores.