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Bakker Bart 0.0

Convenience, speed and immediate consumption. The three most important themes of the new

Bakker Bart 0.0 retail concept. SVT developed

the store formula, the retail design and

the instore communication.

Bakker Bart 0.0

Bakker Bart is the best-known bakery chain in the Netherlands, and the opening of its branch in Almelo brings the number of stores in the chain up to 164. A unique feature of the Bakker Bart stores is that they use fresh dough every day to make fresh bakery products, which are prepared in the stores themselves. With Bakker Bart you can buy bakery products to take home, but you can also go there for an appetising breakfast, a cup of coffee with something tasty, a marvellous lunch or a fresh hot snack.

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Convenience, speed and immediate consumption

A completely new concept. In recent years Bakker Bart has invested a lot of energy in the development of its formula.


Bakker Bart has been a well-known, traditional Dutch presence for more than 40 years now, and with a name awareness of 97% it is impossible to imagine the Dutch street scene without it. In recent years there has been a clear shift in demand, away from traditional bakery products and in favour of convenience, speed and immediate consumption. In order to meet this change in demand, a number of changes have been made to the formula.

Positioning of products

The products are arranged in categories. Large and small bread products, Bakker Bart's heritage, are positioned at the entrance.


The other categories of products are positioned around the sandwich corner, making the sandwich corner the heart of the store. Coffee, an important factor for drawing in customers, has been given more space and receives more attention in the new concept.

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Simplifying the take-away process

Orders, take-away and delivery service receive greater attention in the new outlet in Almelo.


As the biggest deliverer of lunches in the Netherlands, Bakker Bart proposes to simplify the take-away process, further strengthening this position.

More contemporary

Many changes have been made to the look & feel of the formula, making it more contemporary.


For example by the use of new presentation furniture, instore communication, signage and seating, and the colour scheme of the floor, walls and ceiling has also been made warmer.

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Modular and

The store is modular in composition, making it possible to respond faster and more cost-effectively to changes in the market. This makes it easier to apply the formula in a variety of locations in the Netherlands.


By means of a number of smart changes to the store process, the format has become not just less costly, but also more efficient, allowing staff more time for the commercial game and interaction with the customer. The store in Almelo is the first 'new style' Bakker Bart, and will be extensively tested and evaluated over the coming period. The roll-out of the new Bakker Bart concept will take place from the start of 2020. 

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