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Eat well,

live better!

Shopping, tasting and enjoying are central at Wah Nam Hong, an Asian supermarket that is warmer, more fun and more authentic than many other Asian stores. A store that makes Asian eating cultures accessible. These are our basic principles from which we developed a new retail formula together with Wah Nam Hong.

Wah Nam Hong Asian Market

On the first floor of the fresh market Fresh! in shopping centre Leidenhage you

will find the newest store of Wah Nam Hong. It is the next step in the retail formula

of the Chinese family business. While in the Rotterdam Market Hall a restaurant

was added, in this store there is now Tea Boutique where you can buy and

drink selected biological Chinese tea.

Taste and discover Asia

There is a lot of knowledge and skill in Asian cuisine, that is transferred less and less to new generations. To make the Asian cuisine accessible, Wah Nam Hong wants to share the Asian culture and culinary secrets, so customers can enjoy delicious food and the healing effects of the ingredients.

Wah Nam Hong’s new store is therefore approachable and unravels the complexity of the authentic Asian cuisine. Everything is designed and arranged so customers can put their meals together easily. It is all there to make yourself or enjoy in the restaurant. In a word: step into the world of Asian cuisine and let your senses be tickled.

Freshly prepared in our own kitchen

What is immediately noticeable in Wah Nam Hong’s new store is our own kitchen and restaurant. Upon entering you immediately smell the scent of lemongrass and fresh herbs.


The dishes are prepared in the kitchen and you can either eat them in the restaurant or take them away chilled. At the same time, the store has a wide range of groceries presented by countries and cuisines, so customers can make their choice easily. Wah Nam Hong also sells fresh packages with all ingredients and with a recipe, so you can start right away at home. Very convenient. This way, in one visit to the store you can buy everything you need to make a delicious and wholesome Asian meal.


Easy & tasty

At Wah Nam Hong it must be possible to do your shopping easily, but also to sit down and enjoy a fine Asian meal.


For this, we have developed a commercial layout that takes account of customers who want to either store quickly or extensively as well as customers who want to enjoy a meal in the restaurant. To this end the store has been subdivided into zones. In the periphery there is an arrangement of fresh products and groceries, and in the heart of the store there is a zone in which the kitchen, takeaway meals and the restaurant have been positioned. The store is open 7 days a week.

Our own identity

Wah Nam Hong has acquired its own identity mirroring the personalities of the two relatives and owners Arjan Chan and Sin Yan Chan: warm, nice and cosy.


Central to this are the red colour, the Chinese characters and the emerald green wave patterns. This symbolism has been applied in the entire store and conveys the pride of their culture that Arjan and Sin Yan want to share with Wah Nam Hong’s customers.

The various layers of communication and the interior have been treated in a recognisable and contemporary way. From the walls and the furniture to the in-store communication: nothing was spared, and everything was designed with Wah Nam Hong’s visual identity in mind.

From idea to realisation

SVT developed the store formula, the retail design, the in-store communication and all stationary for Wah Nam Hong.


This has resulted in an attractive and approachable store with a wide range of real Asian ingredients for a delicious meal. Besides, SVT has also developed the Tea Boutique with all associated resources to give customers a special tea experience.


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The customer is central. Focus on experience, convenience and price, by means of a total change of paradigm in layout and service concepts. After all, the layout of the store says a lot about your focus, and if you understand customers and their needs.