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ANWB - since 1883

Innovation in product and service, addressing members, rejuvenation of the formula and activating the ANWB brand – our basic principles from which we developed the new shop formula together with the ANWB. For the ANWB is not just a helping hand, it also stands for holiday fun, anticipation and experience.

The shop as a starting point

ANWB’s newest shop is located on the attractive square on Neude in Utrecht and offers a complete experience to which travelling, being on the road and going out are central.

The assortment is focused on the seasons. Whether you like hiking, cycling or making car trips, in the ANWB shop you will find everything to enjoy every season well-prepared and carefree. On the first floor is the ANWB café, where you can enjoy delicious rolls, various workshops or just withdraw for a moment. But also for walks through the city centre or creating your own personal trip, the ANWB shop is your starting point.

ANWB Cafe and clubhouse

When you take the stairs you will get to the ANWB Café: the place to exchange stories, learn things, check your e-mail or just enjoy a cup of coffee with some pastry. 


In the ANWB cafe you will find new dishes with daily fresh products for any moment of the day in every season. Breakfast, lunch and of course delicious snacks. The menu is not very extensive, but the products are really good. In the cafe there is also a clubhouse: a pleasant, large space where events are held regularly. For instance, you can take photos with your smartphone, there is the big ANWB traffic quiz, a Street Art walk in Utrecht or a GPS hiking course. The ANWB clubhouse is also suited to rent for a meeting, workshops or presentations.

travel advice

On the first floor, next to the ANWB Café there is the ‘On the Road’ department, with travelling and holidays as its theme. 


You see travel guides and maps and in the centre a table where travel advisers of The Travel Club are ready to be of service to you. With VR glasses you can explore your destination, while the adviser can show you our travel offer on the large touch screen. The travel specialists take the research work from your hands and will gladly share their own travel experiences. A far trip, car holiday, camping or camper holidays, cruise or hiking trip. The travel specialists are ready for you 7 days a week, take time for you and visit you at home if desired. To help you along to your dream destination, from a weekend out to a far round trip.

What will be your next adventure?

ANWB helps with many services, including traffic, car, bicycle, holidays, insurance, road assistance and web shop. But how do we convey this in the shop so you as a customer not only experience it but can also find the services and products in a logical way? 

SVT has developed a layered in-store communication and applied a clear hierarchy to it. Customers are addressed in an inspirational way with a particular tone of voice and atmospheric images related to the worlds of experience of the various departments: Underway, Outward and Travelling.


In the shop the ANWB brand is well presented, the departments have been clearly marked and at a number of points something special is told about them. This makes the shop more narrative and commercial, in a way that suits the ANWB.

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From idea to idealisation

One of the premises of this innovative concept is attracting a younger target group, by choosing a special location with its own café with a community hub. 

This has shifted the emphasis to experience, contemporaneity and lots of inspiration. Learnings of this concept are now applied in the current shops. For the ANWB shops, SVT developed the retail design, the ANWB Café, the clubhouse and the in-house communication. Want to know more about this special service formula? Feel free to contact us.

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retail consultant design




A shop must be conspicuous, attract and tempt. It is all about raising attention and giving attention; the retailer must first catch the consumer’s attention. When the consumer comes to the shop, the retailer will have to give him the personal attention he desires.