In the world of Jase & Joy, fun comes first.

Jase & Joy is no ordinary toyshop, but a place

full of fun. A house full of presents.

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Fun first

Jase & Joy's new toyshop

Jase & Joy understand toys better than anyone. A description is all well and good,

but you only find out whether the thing in the box is really any good when you take it

out of the packaging and play with it. That is why amazing ‘fun first’ activities are organised in the shops, so that you can experience the toys for yourself. In addition

to this, Jase & Joy get children to test a lot of their toys. The results are shared

via the shop and the website. Playing = knowing.

A new formula

At the beginning of June this year, seven former Intertoys entrepreneurs started up a new toy formula, together with franchise organisation Euretco.


Over a few months, a new and distinctive formula was built up: Jase & Joy. The new toys chain wants to focus on more than just toys in isolation. Older children need to be catered for as well. "We want to start selling, for example, make-up and that sort of thing to teenage girls. Besides this we are launching a 'toys panel'. We are going to make up a panel of children of all ages, who are sent a toy now and then for testing. We want to continue to develop in the light of their experiences." Says Miriam de Bruin, business-unit manager Jase & Joy at Euretco.


The formulas in the toys sector have been standing still for a long time now. You need to offer today's consumer a lot more than just shelves full of products.


So children are invited to enrol to test new products  and to share the results on social media. 'Fun first' tables have been developed for the store concept, where children can play with the toys and test them. And as part of the store concept, hotspots are planned in each department, where influencers can share their reviews of toys via digital screens. A good mix of offline and online.


A distinct identity

Jase & Joy wants to really distinguish itself, and has therefore consciously opted for a name that does not include the word 'Toys'. Jase & Joy is a name that expresses fun, ‘& Joy’ hints at ‘enjoy’. The name does not refer to toys, making it possible to address a broader target group.

Aan Zee, bureau for co-creation, developed the name, the brand and the house style. The look & feel does not make use of the primary colours yellow, red or blue, which are mostly used by the toy formulas; instead the formula is characterised by a petrol colour. Yet another way to show that Jase & Joy is different from the other toy formulas.


The house style has been given a 'human' face, and Jase & Joy have been illustrated visually, so that they can play a role online and in the store. In the store the consumer is taken hand in hand on the customer journey, and they are provided, among other things, with reviews of toys. The duo of Jase & Joy play an important role in this.

From idea to realisation

The first Jase & Joy store was opened in Amstelveen. SVT developed the store formula, the retail design and the instore communication, based on the core brand attributes and the house style that was developed by Euretco and Aan Zee, bureau for co-creation.


This has resulted in an attractive, playful and low-threshold store with a wide range of products and many physical points where young customers can really play, and are fascinated by the reviews by the testers.


Miriam de Bruin: “In the Amstelveen store we will be testing a number of new ideas. Because in the short time we have had since the start up we have not yet been able to realise all our wishes in one go. So  we call it a test store. Following the opening we will carry on developing the concept in Amstelveen. And that's great for the customer, because it means that over the coming months there will continually be new things to see and experience”.

Hans de Groot, owner of Jase & Joy in Amstelveen adds: “We are bursting with ideas, but we can't roll everything out at once. For now we are nowhere near done and dusted. Which is great, because there's nothing better than to keep on innovating”.

For more information about this unique retail formula, please contact us.

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