Shopping at Intratuin must always be an experience. But how can you make sure that a 10,000 m2 store will remain exciting and challenging?

Naturally! Intratuin

Green is hot. We cannot imagine being without it in our home, garden or around us. This offers plenty of opportunities for new suppliers in the market. Intratuin, an established name among the garden centres for almost 30 years, has asked itself in time about how to deal with this development, and has contracted SVT to come up with a new strategy, identity and retail formula.

Two different routes

Whether you are green fingered, or you rather go for convenience, Intratuin wants its customers to come home filled with inspiration and knowing exactly what to do with their new purchases. This is why we developed the 'magazine concept'. A store that is laid out as a magazine. With changing themes, sections on categories, and space for inspiration and information.


The new concept fits wonderfully with the changing society in which customers either want speed and convenience or, on the other hand, are looking for an experience. To respond to that, customers with little time and who know what they need can follow the short route, while the extended route offers varied departments for Intratuin fans who want to get inspired or spend more time shopping.

From 'Flower Shop' to 'Life in the Garden'

The new retail formula was created from a variety of specialty shops. These shops form the magazine categories. Each specialty shop has its own name, logo, and design, creating the perfect backdrop for the range of products, the expertise, and the inspiration.


The variety of specialty shops and themes makes the large stores more exciting and dynamic. You walk from one world into another, where you will find the theme 'Life in the Garden', for example. Here, you learn what you can do to turn your garden into a home for butterflies, bees or birds. At the entrance, you will find the 'Flower Shop', a bit further down is 'Everything for Outdoor Living', and when you continue the route, you will find 'The Season on your Table'.

What does this season taste like?

You can experience this in 'Eating in the Tasting Garden', the new Intratuin hospitality concept that focuses on the tastes of the seasons.  


Here, tasting goes far beyond just stimulating the taste buds. It is 'blurring to the max': in addition to tasting herbs and flowers that feature in the recipes, the furniture, accessories and, of course, the indoor and outdoor greenery match the atmosphere.


'Eating in the Tasting Garden' offers a moment of relaxation during shopping but the figures on the number of guests also show its success as a destination in its own right. Experience the most recently opened 'Eating in the Tasting Garden' in the Netherlands now, in Deventer.

The new green

In 1998, we created the familiar Intratuin logo. In 2017, we had the honour to review this logo and create its new version. The objective: finding a continuous connection with the changing world and creating a future-proof logo that retains the strong brand recognition.


After having upgraded and re-established the company's core values and brand values during the strategic sessions, we translated them into the new visual identity. This has resulted in a recognisable type of logo and device that resonances excellently on different levels (exterior, store, packaging).

Garden center interior design
Garden center interior design
Garden center interior design
Garden center interior design
Garden center interior design
Garden center interior design
Garden center interior design
Garden center interior design
Garden center interior design
Garden center interior design
Garden center interior design
Garden center interior design
Garden center interior design
Garden center interior design
at home

Everydays is the new Intratuin basic label. In addition to the major brands included in Intratuin's range of products, there was a need to develop its own, basic label for everyday usable products.


It is a strong branding tool, which enhances the distinctive and unique position of Intratuin in the market. Another advantage is that customers take a 'piece of Intratuin' back home and use it daily. This strengthens the top-of-mind position of the garden centre and will be an incentive to visit again. In addition to the introduction of Everydays, we also designed the logo and the packaging.




Nature and green – we find these increasingly important in our lives. So there are plenty opportunities for garden centres, construction markets and new concepts on the market. There is a demand for comfort and convenience, but also for pastime and experience. Know who your customer is and be relevant.




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