In-store communication

In-store communication makes a shop speak out.

It tells your story as a retailer, it adds value to products and it helps the customer to find his way around the shop and in choosing what he wants.

Communicate with the customer!

SVT gives direction to all communication a customer experiences. And this experience is exactly what it is all about. We approach every communication issue from the perspective of the customers. How can we help them, inform them, and seduce them? This requires insight in how the customer thinks. What does he need right now, or what does he want? Therefore, we don't just look at the in-store communication, but also include all consumer touchpoints; from online to mass-medium communication. This results in one consistent experience in the brochure, app, webshop and physical shop.

Retail signing: navigation, information, inspiration and activation

In-store communication is an extension of your visual identity, but with a different purpose and context: namely that of the shop, the space. Spatial insight is essential. What are you communicating where, and how? What is the hierarchy between all retail signing and communication? For this we use four levels of communication: navigation, inspiration, information and activation. These different levels of communication will ensure that the client, during the entire customer journey, finds his way, gets inspired and, ultimately, will be activated.

Packaging design

Packaging forms an integral part of your brand: you take it home and look at it at your kitchen table. SVT designs packagings from a unique perspective: that of the retail context. We don't just look at the packaging, but also at the competing brands and the environment in which it is displayed. On the shelf, on the kitchen table or in a kitchen cupboard; and the changing context also has impact on the brand recognition. It can even be a part of the in-store communication: for example, a private label with a strong colour recognition has a navigating effect, or a private label with a unique tone of voice can be an extension of your brand.

'We give direction to all communication a customer experiences. '