The success formula

of Coop

The underdog with guts, that is what Coop is in the world of supermarkets. 

A wonderful concept that has a great result by taking one small step at the time.

A supermarket for and by the customers

The word speaks for itself: Coop is a cooperative. Coop is the only supermarket established for and by customers. At Coop, the customers participate in the decision-making processes about the range of products, discounts and campaigns, and this makes Coop Supermarkets unique in the Netherlands. A great story with great benefits, which should be communicated. A shop that has grown organically into the lively concept it has now become.

A great story

Coop is a sympathetic retail formula. The supermarkets are very much involved in the local community and activities, they are affordable, and nearby. To emphasise this unique identity and to better position the upgraded brand values 'nearby, tasty, affordable', SVT has developed a new and strong retail identity for this supermarket concept.

This identity is friendly and personal, but also powerful and straightforward. Based on the 'customer journey', SVT has meticulously built up the in-store communication with different layers of navigation, inspiration and activation. This will make it easier to find your way around the shop, it helps you to make choices and you will find plenty of inspiration for your next meal.

'Fresh' in the spotlights

The fresh food departments play an important role within the concept and deserve a place in the spotlights! SVT has searched for an optimal layout of rotation versus space. This has resulted in a commercial layout with good lines of sight and attention to atmosphere, styling and storytelling.


Noteworthy are the unique own label products ('Top! van Coop') and extra services. These include, for instance, the option to pick and weigh your own desired amount of potatoes, tomatoes, nuts and eggs, so you only buy what you need. You will find recipes and relevant cross-selling products to make your meal even more complete. We have developed a unique illustration style for the different fresh food departments, which can also be seen on the packaging, in-store communication and walls.

Packaging that tells a story

A new bread department needs attractive packaging. Packaging forms an integral part of your brand: you take it home and look at it at your kitchen table.

SVT has mapped out several packaging ideas for Coop and has developed a packaging concept based on the new hierarchy. Packaging that gives credit to the bread, that helps to enhance the bread department experience, and which also tells the story of wonderful bread.

The success of 
Coop Vandaag

SVT, in collaboration with Coop, has developed the urban concept Coop Vandaag. This is a compact convenience store with an extensive range of services and a kitchen where fresh meals are prepared.


It is a retail formula that strongly takes into account the location, the environment and the needs of consumers living in the area. It offers the 'best of both worlds': here you can get your daily groceries, but at the same time you can get a meal that is freshly prepared - right in front of you. The clever concept has been successful from the start and is now rolled out nationally. For Coop Vandaag we developed the retail concept, the accompanying own graphic language and logo, the new retail design of the shop, the in-store communication and all printed material.


Would you like to know more about a multi-format strategy? Please contact us.

Traditional formula-thinking is a thing of the past

Coop recently opened its first hybrid retail formula in Amersfoort and Rotterdam.The shops have elements of the regular Coop, but also include some of the Coop Vandaag features.


In addition to the complete range of supermarket products, you will find convenience presentations, a kitchen on the shop floor, hot drinks and self-checkouts. This shows that the traditional formula-thinking of rolling out one retail formula consistently across the country is a thing of the past. With respect to developing retail formats, the focus lies more and more on the location and consumer needs in that unique and specific area.

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The retail landscape is changing very rapidly. The retail cycle of 7 years is outdated; it is imperative to keep developing.